Principal's Message

Tully C. Knoles School has been a fixture in Lincoln Unified School District since it opened in 1957. It is the educational home to approximately 800 Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade students. More than thirty teachers provide educational and social experiences that help guide students and ready them to become productive citizens in our community and around the world. Tully C. Knoles School, or TCK, as staff, parents, and students affectionately know it, is named for a revered and respected President of the University of the Pacific.

We believe that every student at TCK is a scholar.  The degree of care and concern that our teacher’s hold for our students is not equaled anywhere. We know at TCK, that it is only through a partnership with parents and the community that we can assist students in reaching their true potential.

The most unique feature of TCK came about as part of this partnership. A quarter acre pond that simulates some of the flora and fauna that one would have found in pre-Columbian times complements our extensive Life-Lab. The Life-Lab and pond have been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a "Schoolyard Habitat." At any given time, you might find more students tending gardens and observing wildlife than playing on the playground!

All schools in Lincoln Unified provide a quality education; TCK is not unique in that respect. We would encourage you to come and see all our campuses, but when you do, please be sure to stop by TCK, and spend a moment in the tranquil environs of the pond and see our dedicated learning community in action.