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Tully C. Knoles
6511 Clarksburg Place
Stockton, CA  95207

School phone: 209-953-8776
School fax: 209-474-2107

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Tully C. Knoles School, in the Lincoln Unified School District, has a long history of school and community support and parent involvement. We currently have 657 students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our student population is comprised of 58.3% Hispanic students, 20.1% White students, 15.6% African American students, 6.7% Asian American students, 2.1% Filipino students, .4% American Indian/Alaskan students and 1.4% Pacific Islander students.

The educational leaders of Tully C. Knoles School use stardards-based instruction, data analysis, and explicit direction instruction techniques to raise the skill level of all students. Multiple measures and assessments are analyzed regularly to track student progress. These measures, plus the implementation of a school wide environmental plan called the Scholar Plan, have been the impetus that has resulted in significant increases in student performance. The Scholar plan is our school's rules and routines that both the staff and students of Tully C. Knoles School follow. The use of Thinking Maps has been our choice of Professional Development in Grades K-8 (school-wide). Tully C. Knoles School is also host to the SES (Supplemental Education Services) program where over 100 students receive tutoring services, school-wide, on a weekly basis, on and off site, in the home and online.

Tully C. Knoles has become a "school to watch" in the Stockton community because of continued academic improvements, our increasing API scores over the last eight years, and because of TCK's unique and effective NEX generation program. In 2010 TCK received a perfect mark of "10" when compared to similiar schools.  This was the first perfect "10" ever received by a school in Lincoln Unified School District.  At TCK, every student knows that he/she is a scholar and each student has established his/her pathway to meet that goal. We also practice the following beliefs, "We do our best, we learn from our mistakes, we encourage others, and we never give up."